15 – 16 January 2015
Grand Resort, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

11. Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2015
At the two-day conference 53 companies presented their strategies at roughly 250 investors from 17
Please find further details here - Press release.

Specialist for Swiss, German and Austrian Equities

With more than 600 institutional clients in Europe and North America, the Helvea-Baader Bank Group’s  research, sales and trading teams provide professional brokerage services combining:

  • In-depth bottom up research on around 100 Swiss equities as well as covering certain key European sectors such as financials and healthcare
  • In combination with its parent company Baader Bank AG (headquartered in Munich, Germany), comprehensive top-down / bottom up research with a targeted coverage of 220 companies
    and a strategy overlay
  • Fully-fledged brokerage services around Swiss, German and Austrian equities for institutional investors
  • Strong investment ideas
  • Execution capabilities on a variety of stock exchanges and alternative venues
  • Corporate access via

We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with both our clients
and the companies we follow.